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What is E-sports? Is E-sports a Sport?

E-sports (a.k.a. electronic sports) is a new sport competition through video games. Esports betting has become increasingly famous in online casino Singapore in recent years. It is now possible to bet on all sports and esports events anywhere in any part of the world. The reason for this is because the emergence and popularity of the Internet overlapped the social and geographic.

Esports Betting Singapore: The Trend in SG Online Casino

Compared with traditional online gambling (such as 4D online betting, online sports betting, live casino, online slot games), esports betting Singapore is a relatively new form of betting in the industry of online betting Singapore. With such huge growth, the e-sport betting market is estimated to be worth nearly $30 billion globally by 2024. Esports games have a large fan base and are popular with youngsters and teenagers. Casual game players play esports games just for entertainment and enjoyment. Although most people just play casually, some players will participate in esports tournaments and become professional esports game players. Casual games may be competitive, but professional e-sports is another level that ordinary players cannot achieve. When the income of esports gamers is much higher than ordinary employees, esports gamers have become an attractive career choice.